The Particle Analysis and Display System (PADS) is a software package that interfaces with many of the instruments produced by Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT) and other leading instruments used in the atmospheric sciences. This help system describes PADS version 3.6.3. (Note that version numbers for individual modules may differ; click here for a complete list of version numbers.)

PADS is designed using LabVIEW, which facilitates instrument connectivity while providing powerful graphical displays. For more detailed information about PADS architecture, click here.

PADS uses a tab-based structure to display information about individual instruments and the overall program. The system samples real-time information from the instruments and records the data to files. During playback mode, it also reads and displays data from previously created files. The output data files are in comma-delimited format, so that data can be imported into spreadsheet programs for additional analysis. The program is configurable to use any combination of instruments and has the ability to sample at speeds up to 25 Hz.

Click here to see PADS in acquisition mode with the CIP tab active. Click here to view PADS in playback mode with the CDP tab active.

For explanations of output channels, click on the help section for the relevant instrument (e.g., "CIP Tab"), and then on "Output Channels."