Instrument Manuals
SP2-Related Manuals
Particle Analysis and Display System (PADS) Manuals — online help system for current software (v3) or print manuals for older (v2) software
Data Analysis User's Guide
Image Probe Data Reference Manual (0.6 MB) 
DMT Technical Notes
Online Help System for WIBS Toolkit


Instrument Manuals

Online instrument manuals do not contain schematics and other information relevant to how probes are manufactured. If you are a customer, please contact DMT for a full copy of the manual. Operator manuals are available here for the following instruments: 

BCP (1 MB)
BCP-POL Manual (1 MB)
CCN-100 (6 MB)
CCN-200 (9 MB)
Constant Pressure Inlet (for CCNs) (2 MB)
CCP (1 MB)
CDP-2 (2 MB)
CIP Manual (3 MB)
CIP-GS Manual (2 MB)
Fog Monitor 100 (5 MB)
Fog Monitor 120 (3 MB)
LWC Stand-alone (1 MB) (operation of LWCs in the CIP, CAPS, or CCP is documented in the CIP manual)
MPS Manual (1 MB)
PASS-3 (<2 MB)
PAX (3 MB)
PIP (~1 MB)
PCASP-100X (2.4 MB)
SP2 (1.6 MB)
SPIN (5.5 MB)
UHSAS-Airborne (2 MB)
WIBS-4A (2.5 MB)

Other hardware manuals are not currently available online. Please contact DMT for a hard copy.


SP2-Related Manuals

SP2 Operator Manual (2 MB)
SP2 Software Manual (8 MB) 
SP2 Beam Scan Camera Manual 
SP2 Laser Alignment Manual (3 MB)
SP2 PSI Toolkit Manual (3 MB)
Probe Analysis Package for Igor (PAPI) for the SP2 (Vol. 2 of the PAPI Manual) 
PAPI Overview Video (includes converting raw SP2 data to tab-delimited text files, analyzing the SP2 data to produce mass and number concentrations and size distributions, and plotting graphs of those concentrations)

The DMT customer FTP site also contains training videos for SP2 troubleshooting procedures. Contact DMT for a username and password for the FTP site. 

PADS 2 users upgrading to PADS 3 who have not sent their instruments in for calibration may need to update their calibration coefficients. See the DMT technical note "Updating Calibration Coefficients in PADS 3.X."


PADS Manuals — PADS Version 2

PADS Operator Manual (Main Manual -- Recommended for all PADS Users
ADP PADS Manual 
AIMMS-20 PADS Manual 
BCP PADS Manual 
CAPS Summary PADS Manual 
CAS PADS Manual 
CAS-POL-PBP PADS Manual (for use with CAS-DPOL) 
CCN PADS Manual 
CCP Summary PADS Manual 
CDP PADS Manual 
CIP PADS Manual 
CIP Grayscale PADS Manual 
Dewpoint PADS Manual 
FM-100 PADS Manual 
FM-100 Scattering PADS Manual 
Garmin PADS Manual 
General Summary PADS Manual 
Hotwire LWC PADS Manual 
MPS PADS Manual 
NI_A2D PADS Manual 
PIP PADS Manual 
SPP-100 PADS Manual (for use with the FSSP) 
SPP-200 PADS Manual (for use with the PCASP-100X) 
Telemetry PADS Manual 
429 Telemetry PADS Manual


Data Analysis User's Guide

The Data Analysis User's Guide currently contains chapters on Single Particle Light Scattering (Chapter I) and Single Particle Imaging (Chapter II).