Air Data Probe (ADP) and AIMMS-20


Instruments that provide accurate data on aircraft parameters and environmental conditions.
Optional Features: AIMMS-20 add-on
(provides GPS data in addition to ADP information)




  • Cloud Physics Research
  • FAA Certification for Flight in Icing Conditions
  • Cloud Seeding Decision-making
  • Wind Tunnel Studies
  • Weather Studies

Photo at near right: the AIMMS-20 flying on the Cloud Lab, a blimp designed to survey atmospheric conditions at low altitudes over a prolonged period of time.

Photo at far right: the AIMMS-20 mounted on a DHC-6 Twin Otter.




The ADP uses a five-port air motion sensing system to record the following parameters:

  • Air speed
  • Altitude
  • Angle-of-attack
  • Side-slip
  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity.

The ADP includes a reverse-flow relative humidity (RH) sensor. It offers precision temperature measurements to +/- 0.1°C (also reverse flow).



The optional AIMMS-20 component adds a Differential GPS Module (GPS), with a full suite of aircraft position parameters. The system includes two GPS antennas for wing-tip installation.

The AIMMS-20 features an IInertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that incorporates three rate gyros and accelerometers for air gust and aircraft dynamic measurements. The instrument's Central Processing Module (CPM) completes digital filtering tasks, processes data, and converts it to RS-232 serial output.



Although the ADP and AIMMS-20 are manufactured by Aventech, DMT's Particle Analysis and Display System (PADS, right) is designed to work with these instruments. PADS is optional software that provides a user-friendly virtual instrument panel.

PADS allows the user to display real-time data and logs. For instance, the program enables the user to do the following tasks: 

  • Sample and record ADP and AIMMS-20 data
  • View aircraft parameters in time-series format
  • Play back data for post-flight viewing
  • Reprocess data with new parameters for additional analysis

Online ADP/AIMMS-20 Software Manual



Parameter Specification
Power Requirements +28 VDC, 100 mA (Electronic System)
+28 VDC, 8A (Anti-ice System)
Weight 5.4 kg
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
-40°C to +50°C available with special order

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Information on Manufacturer

ADP and AIMMS-20 are products of Aventech, Inc., distributed by DMT. See Aventech's webpages on the AIMMS-20 and the ADP for more information.

How to Order

Contact DMT for pricing or more information.


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