Accessories and Upgrades

DMT offers many types of accessories and upgrades. For more information, click on one of the links at left.

Calibration Tools


Portable Aerosol Generator: This device is designed for calibrating optical particle counters (OPCs). It nebulizes polystyrene latex (PSL) microspheres or other aerosol materials into a continuous flow of air, which can then be directed in to the OPC’s inlet. The generator is self-contained and needs no external air supply. An internal pump provides filtered air for both the nebulizer air and the dilution air flow. Brochure (PDF)



Spinning Disk: The DMT spinning disk allows users to verify calibrate imaging probes such as the CIP, CCP, CAPS, MPS, PIP, and OAP. The spinning disk consists of a glass disk with two-dimensional, opaque images on it that are rotated through the laser beam of the instrument. Discs are configured with a variety of patterns--circles of various sizes simulating liquid particles, or ice crystal shapes for pattern identification software validation. The image spinning disc provides a calibration and performance check for all imaging probes.



Spinning Pinhole: The DMT spinning pinhole is used to check and adjust alignment on the CDP. When the pinhole passes through the depth of field in the laser beam, it generates a pulse of light. The intensity and duration of this light pulse are designed to simulate a particle in the laser beam.

The user needs to provide a dual-channel oscilloscope of moderate capability to view the detector responses and optimize the alignment.


DMT Buck® Flow Meter Kit: With this kit, you can quickly and accurately measure the sample flow and any other instrument flows. DMT probes that can be calibrated with this kit include the CCN, SP2, PCASP, UHSAS, PASS, and PAX. Adapters are included to connect the flow calibrator to all of the above instruments.

The mini-Buck Calibrator®, the centerpiece of the kit, is a compact, lightweight device that permits quick flow verification and calibration. It features an easy-to-read LED display and measures volumetric flows to an accuracy of ±0.5%. Readings are instantaneous and cover flow ranges of 1 - 6,000 cc/min. Brochure (PDF)



Difffusion Dryer

The diffusion dryer is an affordable way to remove water vapor from aerosol samples. The device can be used both during ambient sampling and for atomizer/nebulizer output. The diffusion dryer efficiently removes water vapor while minimizing particle loss. A variety of desiccants or absorbents can be used with the dryer, which is available in both 15" and 24" lengths. Brochure (PDF)



Carrying Cases

Carrying cases protect probes from the elements and from damage during transit. Cases are available for DMT instruments and for vintage PMS/PMI probes.



Probe Stands


Probe stands hold your canister-mounted instruments safely on the bench. Stands are available to hold probes either vertically or horizontally.





Older probes can occasionally be retrofitted with state-of-the-art electronics to improve performance and extend the instrument's lifespan. Contact DMT for details.