Technical Notes

For PADS Users Who Have Had Their Probe Calibrated: "Updating Pressure Cal Coefficients in PADS"

For PAXes with Serial Numbers up to 25: "Replacing the Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor on the PAX"

For Older-Model CDPs that have been upgraded to an ABD-0234 Board: "Upgrading Older-Model CDPs to ABD-0234 Boards"

For CCNs: "CCN Sheath Filter Testing & Replacement"

For SP2s with Version 2024 of the OSTech Laser Controller Firmware: "OSTech Laser Controller: Manual Mode Instructions"

For CIP, CIP-GS, CAPS and CCP Probes that have received a Korolev Tip upgrade: "Korolev Tips: Sample Length Implications for CIP, and CAPS Users""